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the beautiful. (1.) The daughter of Lamech and Zillah (Ge 4:22).

(2.) The daughter of the king of Ammon, one of the wives of Solomon, the only one who appears to have borne him a son, viz., Rehoboam (1Ki 14:21,31).

(3.) A city in the plain of Judah (Jos 15:41), supposed by some to be identified with Na'aneh, some 5 miles south-east of Makkedah.

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1. Lamech's daughter by Zillah (Ge 4:22). The refinement and luxury of Cain's descendants appear in the names of their wives and daughters; as Naamah, Adah ("beauty"), Zillah ("shadow"). Naamah is associated with her brother Tubal-cain, the first worker in brass and iron.

2. The Ammonitess mother of Rehoboam (1Ki 14:21,31; 2Ch 12:13), one of Solomon's "strange women" (1Ki 11:1). The Vat. Septuagint makes Naamah daughter of Ana or Hanun, son of Nahash; thus David's war with Hanun terminated in a re-alliance, and Solomon's marriage to Naamah would be about two years before David's death, for Rehoboam the offspring of it was 41 on ascending the throne, and Solomon's reign was 40 years.

3. A town in the "low hill country" of Judah (the shephelah): Jos 15:41.

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1. Sister of Tubal-cain (Ge 4:22). 2. Mother of Rehoboam (1Ki 14:21,31; 2Ch 12:13). 3. A town of Judah in the Sheph

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1. Daughter of Lamech, a descendant of Cain. Ge 4:22.

2. An Ammonitess, wife of Solomon and mother of Rehoboam. 1Ki 14:21,31; 2Ch 12:13.

3. City in the lowlands of Judah. Jos 15:41. Identified with Naaneh, 31 52' N, 34 52' E.

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1. One of the four women whose names are preserved in the records of the world before the flood; all except Eve being Cainites. Site was daughter of Lamech by his wife Zillah, and sister, as is expressly mentioned to Tubal-cain

Ge 4:22

only. (B.C. about 3550.)

2. Mother of King Rehoboam.

1Ki 14:21,31; 2Ch 12:13

In each of these passages she is distinguished by the title "the (not 'an,' as in Authorized Version) Ammonite." She was therefore one of the foreign women whom Solomon took into his establishment.

1Ki 11:1

(B.C. 1015-975.)

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