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Where Christ performed one of his chief miracles, in raising to life a widow's only son, Lu 7:11-17, was a small village in Galilee, three miles south by west of Mount Tabor: It is now a petty hamlet, called Nein.

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(from Heb nain, "green pastures," "lovely"), the name of a town near the gate of which Jesus raised to life a widow's son (Lu 7:11-17). It is identified with the village called Nein (Illustration: Nein), standing on the north-western slope of Jebel ed-Duhy (=the "hill Moreh" = "Little hermon"), about 4 miles from Tabor and 25 southwest of Capernaum. At the foot of the slope on which it stands is the great plain of Esdraelon.

This was the first miracle of raising the dead our Lord had wrought, and it excited great awe and astonishment among the people.

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The scene of Christ's raising the widow's son (Lu 7:12). Now Nein on N.W. verge of jebel ed Duhy (Little Hermon) where it slopes down to Esdraelon plain. The rock W. of the village abounds in cave tombs, also in the E. side. Eighteen miles from Capernaum, where Jesus had been the preceding day. Josephus (Ant. 20:5, section 1) notices Nain as on the way from Galilee to Jerusalem, the very way Jesus was going.

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The town where Jesus raised the widow's son to life (Lu 7:11). The name is found in the modern Nein, a small, squalid village, 6 miles S.E. of Nazareth, on the N. slope of the Hill of Moreh, the so-called 'Little Hermon.' The summit of the hill is 1690 feet high, with a white-domed sanctuary, the tomb of the saint from whom the mountain takes its modern name, Jebel ed-Duhy. The village is 744 feet above the sea. Sir W. M. Ramsay thinks 'there can be little doubt that the ancient city was on the top' of the hill (The Education of Christ, Preface, ix), but the evidence is not stated. The present village is insignificant. Ruins stretch to the north, showing that the place was once of some importance; but they are comparatively modern. The rock-cut tombs to the East, however, bespeak a much higher antiquity. The small sanctuary, Maq

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City near to which the Lord raised to life the widow's son. Lu 7:11. Identified with Nein, 32 38' N, 35 20' E. The village is approached by a steep and rocky ascent from the plains of Esdraelon.

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(beauty), a village of Galilee, the gate of which is made illustrious by the raising of the widow's son.

Lu 7:12

The modern Nein is situated on the northwestern edge of the "Little Hermon," or Jebel-ed-Duhy, where the ground falls into the plain of Esdraelon. The entrance to the place, where our Saviour met the funeral, must probably always have seen up the steep ascent from the plain; and here on the west side of the village, the rock is full of sepulchral caves.

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NAIN, a city of Palestine, in which Jesus Christ restored the widow's son to life, as they were carrying him out to be buried. Eusebius says, that this was in the neighbourhood of Endor and Scythopolis, two miles from Tabor, toward the south.