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The abode of Samuel, and his pupils in a "school of the prophets,"

1Sa 19:18-24; 20:1. It appears to have been a suburb of Ramah; and David, having sought refuge there with Samuel, was pursued by Saul.

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dwellings, the name given to the prophetical college established by Samuel near Ramah. It consisted of a cluster of separate dwellings, and hence its name. David took refuge here when he fled from Saul (1Sa 19:18-19,22-23), and here he passed a few weeks in peace (comp. Ps 11). It was probably the common residence of the "sons of the prophets."

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("dwellings".) So the Hebrew margin or Qeri; but the kethib or text has Nevaioth. "At" or "near" (not "in" as KJV) Ramah. The dwellings of a college of prophets, under Samuel (1Sa 19:18-23; 20:1). Thither David fled from Saul, and probably assumed their garb to escape discovery. Now probably Beit Haninah at the head of the wady Haninah; immediately to the E. of neby Samwil, the ancient Ramah of Samuel.

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A place 'in Ramah,' where was a 'company of the prophets.' Here David fled to Samuel after Saul had attacked him with a javelin; hither Saul pursued him, and was seized with an ecstatic fit of some kind (1Sa 19:18-24). Nothing is known of the situation of the place. It is not even absolutely certain that Naioth is a proper name; but opinions differ respecting its possible meaning.

R. A. S. Macalister.

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Place near Ramah, where Samuel resided, and whither David resorted. 1Sa 19:18-23; 20:1. Not identified.

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(habitations), or more fully, "Naioth in Ramah," a place of Mount Ephraim, the birthplace of Samuel and Saul, and in which Samuel and David took refuge together after the latter had made his escape from the jealous fury of Saul.

1Sa 19:18-19,22-23; 20:1

It is evident from ver.

1Sa 20:18

that Naioth was not actually in Ramah, Samuel's habitual residence. In its corrected from the name signifies "habitations," and probably means the huts or dwellings of a school or college of prophets over which Samuel presided as Elisha did over those at Gilgal and Jericho.

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