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Wandering, a region east of Eden so named on account of wanderings in it of the exiled Cain, Ge 4:16.

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exile; wandering; unrest, a name given to the country to which Cain fled (Ge 4:16). It lay on the east of Eden.

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("wandering".) E. of Eden. Cain's place of flight.


According to Ge 4:16, the country in which Cain the fratricide took up his abode after his sentence of banishment. The place is unknown. It is probably connected in some way etymologically with the epithet n

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The land to which Cain went after the murder of Abel, when he went out from the presence of the Lord. It was on the east of Eden, but is not identified. Ge 4:16. The name signifies 'wandering' or 'nomad;' the verb is translated 'vagabond' in Ge 4:12,14.

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(flight), the land to which Cain fled after the murder of Abel. [CAIN]

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NOD, LAND OF, the country to which Cain withdrew after the murder of Abel. As the precise situation of this country cannot possibly be known, so it has given rise to much ingenious speculation. All that we are told of it is, that it was "on the east of Eden," or, as it may be rendered, "before Eden;" which very country of Eden is no sure guide for us, as the situation of that also is disputed. But, be it on the higher or lower Euphrates, (see Eden,) the land of Nod which stood before it with respect to the place where Moses wrote, may still preserve the curse of barrenness passed on it for Cain's sake, namely, in the deserts of Syria or Arabia. The Chaldee interpreters render the word Nod, not as the proper name of a country, but as an appellative applied to Cain himself, signifying a vagabond or fugitive, and read, "He dwelt a fugitive in the land." But the Hebrew reads expressly, "He dwelt in the land of Nod."

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