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9 Bible Verses about The Homeless

Most Relevant Verses

Job 24:8

They are wet from mountain rains; without shelter, they cling to a rock.

Lamentations 4:5

Those who enjoyed delicacies lie desolate in the streets. Those who were reared wearing purple scavenge in piles of trash.

Genesis 4:14

"You're driving me from the soil today. I'll be hidden from you, and I'll wander throughout the earth as a fugitive. In the future, whoever finds me will kill me."

Genesis 21:14

So early the next morning, Abraham got up, took bread and a leather bottle of water, gave them to Hagar, and placed them on her shoulder. He then sent her away, along with the child. She went off and roamed in the Beer-sheba wilderness.

Numbers 32:13

"The LORD's anger had flared up against Israel so that he made them wander in the wilderness for 40 years until that whole generation, who committed evil in the eyes of the LORD, had died.

Psalm 107:4

They wandered in desolate wilderness; they found no road to a city where they could live.

Hosea 9:17

"My God will reject them, because they did not obey him, and they will become wanderers among the nations."

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