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the forgiveness of sins granted freely (Isa 43:25), readily (Ne 9:17; Ps 86:5), abundantly (Isa 55:7; Ro 5:20). Pardon is an act of a sovereign, in pure sovereignty, granting simply a remission of the penalty due to sin, but securing neither honour nor reward to the pardoned. Justification (q.v.), on the other hand, is the act of a judge, and not of a sovereign, and includes pardon and, at the same time, a title to all the rewards and blessings promised in the covenant of life.

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Four Hebrew words are so translated.

1. kaphar, 'to cover,' same as 'to make atonement,' forgive. 2Ch 30:18.

2. nasa, 'to lift up,' forgive. Ex 23:21; 1Sa 15:25; Job 7:21; Micah 7: 18.

3. salach, 'to pass over,' forgive; used only of God's forgiveness. Ex 34:9; Nu 14:19-20; 2Ki 5:18; 24:4; Ne 9:17; Ps 25:11; Isa 55:7; Jer 5:1,7; 33:8; 50:20; La 3:42.

4. ratsah, 'to delight in,' receive graciously, forgive, Isa 40:2.

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