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A mountain of Moab, from which Balaam surveyed the camp of Israel, Nu 23:28. It probably lay a few miles northeast of the Dead Sea, but is not now recognized. This name and vicinity are also associated with an idol of the Moabites, De 4:8. See BAAL.

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opening. (1.) A mountain peak (Nu 23:28) to which Balak led Balaam as a last effort to induce him to pronounce a curse upon Israel. When he looked on the tribes encamped in the acacia groves below him, he could not refrain from giving utterance to a remarkable benediction (Nu 24:1-9). Balak was more than ever enraged at Balaam, and bade him flee for his life. But before he went he gave expression to that wonderful prediction regarding the future of this mysterious people, whose "goodly tents" were spread out before him, and the coming of a "Star" out of Jacob and a "Sceptre" out of Israel (Nu 24:14-17).

(2.) A Moabite divinity, called also "Baal-peor" (5/3/type/web'>Nu 25:3,5,18; comp. De 3:29).

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The mountain top to which Balak brought Balaam, for his last conjurations, from the lower Pisgah on its S. (Nu 23:28.) A little to the N.E. of the Dead Sea. Bethpeer adjoined the "ravine" (gai) connected with Israel's camp and Moses' burial place (De 3:29; 4:46; 34:6). The ravine of Bethpeor was that which runs down from near Heshbon eastward past Beth-ram; at its upper end are a town's ruins, Naur or Taur. "The Peor" faced Jeshimon. (On Peor, contracted for Baalpeor Nu 25:18; 31:16; Jos 22:17). (See BAALPEOR).)

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1. A mountain E. of the Jordan to which Balak led Balaam (Nu 23:28). It looked down upon the desert. The Onomasticon (s.v. 'Fogor') places it 7 miles from Heshbon, above Livias, one of the heights of the Nebo group. Conder suggests for it the peak above 'Ain el-Minyeh, about 5 miles W. of Ma'

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1. A peak in the mountain range of Moab, to which Balaam was taken to curse Israel. It 'looked toward' or was 'opposite' Jeshimon; but it cannot be identified. Nu 23:28.

2. A contraction of BAAL-PEOR: it refers to the fornication and idolatry of the Israelites in connection with the Midianites. Nu 25:18; 31:16; Jos 22:17.

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(cleft), a mountain peak in Moab belonging to the Abarim range, and near Pisgah, to which, after having ascended Pisgah, the prophet Balaam was conducted by Balak that he might look upon the whole host of Israel and curse them.

Nu 23:14,28

In four passages --

Nu 25:18

twice; Numb 31:16; Josh 22:17 --Peor occurs as a contraction for Baal-peor. [BAAL.)

See Baal (2)

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