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To profane' is 'to make ceremonially unclean,' 'to make unholy.' And so a 'profane person' (Heb 12:16) is an 'ungodly person,' a person of common, coarse life, not merely of speech.

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PROFANE, an epithet applied to those who abuse and contemn holy things. The Scripture calls Esau profane, because he sold his birthright, which was considered a holy thing, not only because the priesthood was annexed to it, but also because it was a privilege relating to Christ, and a type of the title of believers to the heavenly inheritance, Heb 12:16. The priests of the race of Aaron were enjoined to distinguish between sacred and profane, between pure and polluted, Le 10:10; 19:7-8. Hence they were prohibited the use of wine during their attendance on the temple service, that their spirits might not be discomposed by excitement. To profane the temple, to profane the Sabbath, to profane the altar, are common expressions to denote the violation of the rest of the Sabbath, the entering of foreigners into the temple, or the want of reverence in those that entered it, and the impious sacrifices that were offered on the altar of the Lord.

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