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1. A Judahite (1Ch 3:21). 2. A Simeonite chief (1Ch 4:42). 3. A descendant of Issachar (1Ch 7:2). 4. A descendant of Saul (1Ch 9:43); called in 8:37 Raphah. 5. One of those who helped to repair the wall (Ne 3:9).

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1. Head of a family, of the house of David. 1Ch 3:21.

2. Son of Ishi and a chief in the tribe of Simeon. 1Ch 4:42.

3. Son of Tola, of the tribe of Issachar. 1Ch 7:2.

4. Son of Binea. 1Ch 9:43; called RAPHA in 1Ch 8:37.

5. Son of Hur: on the return from exile he was ruler of the half of Jerusalem. Ne 3:9.

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(healed of Jehovah).

1. The sons of Rephaiah appear among the descendants of Zerubbabel in

1Ch 3:21

2. A Simeonite chieftain in the reign of Hezekiah.

1Ch 4:42

(B.C. 727.)

3. Son of Tola the son of Issachar.

1Ch 7:2

4. Son of Binea, and descendant of Saul.

1Ch 9:43

5. The son of Hur, and ruler of a portion of Jerusalem.

Ne 3:9

(B.C. 441.)

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