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Or SALMAH 1Ch 2:11, a chief man of the tribe of Judah, husband of Rahab, and father of Boaz, Ru 4:20; Mt 1:4-5; Lu 3:32. See ZALMON.

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garment, the son of Nashon (Ru 4:20; Mt 1:4-5), possibly the same as Salma in 1Ch 2:51.

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A hill near Shechem on which Abimelech cut down the boughs with which they set on fire the tower of Shechem. Salmon means shady, dark (Ps 68:14). The brightness of prosperity after the gloom of the conflict was like the glittering white snow which covers dark Salmon's forests (Jg 9:48; Mr 9:3). Or else (Maurer) Canaan had the same snowy appearance, covered over With the corpses of the slain, as Salmon when its trees were cut down by Abimelech changed its dark color for a white one. Joe 1:7, "He hath barked my figtree ... the branches are made white." The blanching bones too may be referred to.

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The father of Boaz (Ru 4:20-21), and therefore in the direct line of the ancestry of our Lord (Mt 1:4,6; Lu 3:32). If the Salma of 1Ch 2:51,54 is the same person, he was the 'father' or founder of Bethlehem, but it is to be noticed that that Salma is reckoned as one of the sons of Caleb the son of Hur.

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When the Almighty scattered kings in some place (probably Palestine) it is compared to "snow in Salmon." Ps 68:14 (an obscure passage). It is perhaps the same as Mount ZALMON in Jg 9:48, the Hebrew being the same, a wooded mountain near Shechem.

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a hill near Shechem, on which Abimelech and his followers cut down the boughs with which they set the tower of Shechem on fire.

Jg 9:48

Its exact position is not known. Referred to in

Ps 68:14

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SALMON, son of Nahshon: he married Rahab, by whom he had Boaz, 1Ch 2:11,51,54; Ru 4:20-21; Mt 1:4. He is named the father of Bethlehem, because his descendants peopled Bethlehem.

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