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1. Married an Egyptian, a connection unfavourable for promotion of piety (2Co 6:14-15); their son was stoned for blasphemy (Le 24:11).

2. 1Ch 3:19.

3. 1Ch 23:18; SHELOMOTH 1Ch 24:22.

4. 1Ch 26:25-26,28.

5. Son of Shimei, a Gershonite (1Ch 23:9). The Gershonites numbered nine fathers' houses, six named after Laadan, and three after Shimei. The three sons of Laadan (1Ch 23:8) and the three of Shimei (1Ch 23:9, descended from Libni and not elsewhere named) were heads of the fathers' houses of Laadan. The Shimei in 1Ch 23:9 is distinct from the Shimei in 1Ch 23:7. The sons of the Shimei in 1Ch 23:7 are not enumerated until 1Ch 23:10. Laadan and Shimei are not named in 1Ch 23:7 as being sons of Gershon, but as founders of the two chief lilies of the Gershonites.

6. Ezr 8:10; but Septuagint read "of the sons of Bani, Shelomith the son of Josiphiah."

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1. The mother of the man who was stoned to death for having blasphemed 'the Name' (Le 24:11). 2. Daughter of Zerubbabel (1Ch 3:19). 3. One of the 'sons of Izhar' (1Ch 23:18, called in 1Ch 24:22 Shelomoth). 4. A son of Rehoboam (2Ch 11:20). 5. A family which returned with Ezra (Ezr 8:10 [1Es 8:36 Salimoth]).

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1. Daughter of Dibri, of the tribe of Dan. Le 24:11. Her son blasphemed the name of Jehovah and was stoned to death.

2. Daughter of Zerubbabel. 1Ch 3:19.

3. Son of Shimei, a Gershonite. 1Ch 23:9.

4. Son of Izhar, a Kohathite. 1Ch 23:18. Called SHELOMOTH an Izharite in 1Ch 24:22.

5. Son of Zichri, a Levite: he had the care of the treasures and dedicated things in the time of David. 1Ch 26:25-26,28.

6. Son or daughter of Rehoboam. 2Ch 11:20.

7. Ancestor of some who returned from exile. Ezr 8:10.

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1. The daughter of Dibri, of the tribe of Dan.

Le 24:11

2. The daughter of Zerubbabel.

1Ch 3:19

(B.C. after 536.)

3. Chief of the Izharites.

1Ch 23:18

4. A descendant of Eliezer the son of Moses, in the reign of David.

1Ch 26:25-26,28

(B.C. 1013.)

5. A Gershonite.

1Ch 23:9

6. One whose sons returned from Babylon with Ezra.

Ezr 8:10

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