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flame of the Lord, a priest whose name is prominent in connection with the work carried on by Ezra and Nehemiah at Jerusalem (Ezr 8:17-18,24-30; Ne 8:7; 9:4-5; 10:12).

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Ezr 8:18,24. A Levite of the family of Mahli, son of Merari. One of the first ministers for the house of God who joined Ezra at the river Ahava. With Hashabiah, etc., he had charge of the vessels and gifts which the king, his lords, and all Israel, had offered. Sherebiah also assisted Ezra at the reading of the law, in making the people understand its sense (Ne 8:7). He took part in the confession and thanksgiving at the fast after the feast of tabernacles (Ne 9:4-5); and signed the covenant (Ne 10:12), and was over the psalmody (Ne 12:8,24).

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One of the Levites who joined Ezra (Ezr 8:18,24; Ne 8:7; 9:4; 10:12 (13) Ne 12:8,24). The name appears in 1Es 8:47 as Asebebias, 1Es 8:54 Eserebias, and 1Es 9:48 Sarahias. Cf. Mahli.

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A Levite who with his sons and brethren returned from exile: he assisted Ezra, sealed the covenant, and was a chief of the choir. Ezr 8:18; Ne 8:7; 9:4-5; 10:12; 12:8,24. In Ezr 8:24 apparently the same is called a priest.

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(heat of Jehovah) a Levite in the time of Ezra.

Ezr 8:18,24

(B.C. 459.) When Ezra read the law to the people, Sherebiah was among the Levites who assisted him.

Ne 8:7

He signed the covenant with Nehemiah.

Ne 10:12

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