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City in the hill country of Judah. Jos 15:48. Identified with ruins at Shuweikeh, 31 25' N, 35 E

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the name of two towns in the tribe of Judah.

1. In the district of the Shefelah.

Jos 15:35; 1Sa 17:1; 2Ch 11:7; 8:18

In the time of Eusebius it bore the name of Socchoth, and lay between eight and nine Roman miles from Eleutheropolis, on the road to Jerusalem. It may be identified with esh-Shuweikeh, in the western part of the mountains of Judah. From this village probably came Antigonus of Soco, who lived about the commencement of the third century B.C.

2. Also a town of Judah, but in the mountain district.

Jos 15:48

It has been discovered about 10 miles southwest of Hebron; bearing, like the other Socoh, the name of esh-Shuweikeh.

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