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a Greek, a Syrophenician by nation (Mr 7:26), i.e., a Gentile born in the Phoenician part of Syria. (See Phenicia.)

When our Lord retired into the borderland of Tyre and Sidon (Mt 15:21), a Syro-phoenician woman came to him, and earnestly besought him, in behalf of her daughter, who was grievously afflicted with a demon. Her faith in him was severely tested by his silence (Mt 15:23), refusal (Mt 15:24), and seeming reproach that it was not meet to cast the children's bread to dogs (Mt 15:26). But it stood the test, and her petition was graciously granted, because of the greatness of her faith (Mt 15:28).

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The designation of the woman whose daughter was possessed by a demon. She belonged to Phenice in Syria: the name embraced both these proper names. By birth she was a Greek, which here probably means simply 'Gentile.' Mr 7:26. In Mt 15:22 she is called 'a woman of Canaan.'

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