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One of the royal Canaanite cities, mentioned in OT always along with Megiddo. Though in the territory of Issachar, it belonged to Manasseh; the native Canaanites were, however, not driven out (Jos 17:11-13; Jg 1:27). It was allotted to the Levites of the children of Kohath (Jos 21:25). It was one of the four fortress cities on the 'border of Manasseh' (1Ch 7:29). The fight of Deborah and Barak with the Canaanites is described (Jg 5:19) as 'in Taanach by the waters of Megiddo." The site is to-day Tell Ta'annak, four miles S.E. from Tell el-Mutesellim (Megiddo). The hill has been excavated by Prof. Sellin of Vienna. Many remains of Canaanite and Jewish civilization have been found, and also a considerable number of clay tablets with cuneiform inscriptions similar to those discovered at Tell el-Amarna in Egypt. See Sellin in Mem. Vienna Acad., 1. (1904), lii. (1905).

E. W. G. Masterman.

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