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The son of Nahor, and father of Nahor, Haran, and Abraham, Ge 11:24, begot Abraham at the age of seventy-two years, in Ur of the Chaldeans. Upon Abraham's first call to remove into the land of promise, Terah and all his family went with him as far as Haran, in Mesopotamia, about B. C. 1918, Ge 11:31-32. He died there the same year, aged two hundred and seventy-five years. Scripture intimates plainly that Terah had fallen into idolatry, or had for a time mingled some idolatrous practices with the worship of the true God, Jos 24:2,14; and some think that Abraham himself at fist did the same thing; but that afterwards God, being gracious to him, convinced him of the vanity of this worship, and that he undeceived his father Terah.

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the wanderer; loiterer, for some unknown reason emigrated with his family from his native mountains in the north to the plains of Mesopotamia. He had three sons, Haran, Nahor, and Abraham, and one daughter, Sarah. He settled in "Ur of the Chaldees," where his son Haran died, leaving behind him his son Lot. Nahor settled at Haran, a place on the way to Ur. Terah afterwards migrated with Abraham (probably his youngest son) and Lot (his grandson), together with their families, from Ur, intending to go with them to Canaan; but he tarried at Haran, where he spent the remainder of his days, and died at the age of two hundred and five years (Ge 11:24-32; Jos 24:2). What a wonderful part the descendants of this Chaldean shepherd have played in the history of the world!

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Tenth from Noah through Shem; father of Abram, Nahor, and Haran (Ge 11:27). Accompanied Abram from Ur on the way to Canaan (an act of faith on the part of one so very old; persuaded by his godly son), but died at Haran when 205 years old. He was 70 when Haran his oldest son was born, 130 when ABRAM was born (Ge 11:26,32; 12:4; Ac 7:2-4). (See ABRAHAM.)

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The father of Abraham, Nahor, and Haran (Ge 11:24-32; 1Ch 1:25; Lu 3:34). Along with his three sons he is said to have migrated from Ur of the Chaldees to Haran, where he died. In Jos 24:2 it is said that he 'served other gods'

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Son of Nahor, and father of Abraham. Ge 11:24-32; Jos 24:2; 1Ch 1:26. Called THARA in Lu 3:34.

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(station), the father of Abram, Nahor and Haran, and through them the ancestor of the great families of the Israelites, Ishmaelites, Midianites, Moabites and Ammonites.

Ge 11:24-32

The account given of him in the Old Testament narrative is very brief. We learn from it simply that he was an idolater,

Jos 24:2

that he dwelt beyond the Euphrates in Ur of the Chaldees,

Ge 11:28

and that in the southwesterly migration, which from some unexplained cause he undertook in his old age, he went with his son Abram, his daughter-in-law Sarai, and his grandson Lot, "to go into the land of Canaan, and they came unto Haran, and dwelt there."

Ge 11:31

And finally, "the days of Terah were two hundred and five years; and Terah died in Haran."

Ge 11:32

(B.C. 1921.)

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