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Just, from the Hebrew Zaccai, Ne 7:14, a worthy tax-gatherer at Jericho, who in order to see Christ took a position in a sycamore-tree, by which He was about to pass. The Savior drawing near and knowing his heart, called him to come down, and proposed to become his guest. As he held office under the Romans, he was called "a sinner" by the Jews, Lu 19:1-10. He showed sincere penitence and faith in the Savior, who in turn promised him salvation as a child of Abraham by faith, Ga 3:7, as he also seems to have been by birth. The "house of Zaccheus" now shown on the plain of Jericho is probably the remnant of a fort built in the tenth century, or even more recently.

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ZACCHEUS, chief of the publicans; that is, farmer general of the revenues, Lu 19:1, &c. This is all that is known concerning this person. See PUBLICANS and See SYCAMORE.

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