Parts of Speech

n m

Root Word (Etymology)

from an unused root meaning to bend

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 372a

KJV Translation Count — 55x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: vine (54), tree (1)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. vine, vine tree
a. of Israel (fig.)
b. of stars fading at Jehovah's judgment (metaph.)
c. of prosperity

Strong's Definitions

gephen, gheh'-fen; from an unused root meaning to bend; a vine (as twining), especially the grape: — vine, tree.

Concordance Results Using KJV

And the chief butler told his dream to Joseph, and said to him, In my dream, behold, a H1612 was before me;


And in the H1612 were three branches: and it was as though it budded, and her blossoms shot forth; and the clusters thereof brought forth ripe grapes:


Binding his foal unto the H1612, and his ass's colt unto the choice H1612; he washed his garments in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes:


All the days of his separation shall he eat nothing that is made of the H1612 H1612, from the kernels even to the husk.


And wherefore have ye made us to come up out of Egypt, to bring us in unto this evil place? it is no place of seed, or of figs, or of H1612s, or of pomegranates; neither is there any water to drink.


A land of wheat, and barley, and H1612s, and fig H1612s, and pomegranates; a land of oil olive, and honey;


For their H1612 is of the H1612 of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah: their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter:


Then said the H1612s unto the H1612, Come thou, and reign over us.


And the H1612 said unto them, Should I leave my wine, which cheereth God and man, and go to be promoted over the H1612s?


She may not eat of any thing that cometh of the H1612, neither let her drink wine or strong drink, nor eat any unclean thing: all that I commanded her let her observe.