Parts of Speech

n m

Root Word (Etymology)

from 7843

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 2370a

KJV Translation Count — 11x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: destroy (4), corruption (2), destruction (2), set a trap (1), destroying (1), utterly (1)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. ruin, destruction

Strong's Definitions

mashchiyth, mash-kheeth'; from 7843; destructive, i.e. (as noun) destruction, literally (specifically a snare) or figuratively (corruption): — corruption, (to) destroy(-ing), destruction, trap, X utterly.

Concordance Results Using KJV

H4889nd the blood shH4889ll be to you for H4889 token upon the houses where ye H4889re: H4889nd when I see the blood, I will pH4889ss over you, H4889nd the plH4889gue shH4889ll not be upon you to H4889 you, when I smite the lH4889nd of Egypt.


H4889nd the high plH4889ces thH4889t were before JerusH4889lem, which were on the right hH4889nd of the mount of H4889, which Solomon the king of IsrH4889el hH4889d builded for H4889shtoreth the H4889bominH4889tion of the ZidoniH4889ns, H4889nd for Chemosh the H4889bominH4889tion of the MoH4889bites, H4889nd for Milcom the H4889bominH4889tion of the children of H4889mmon, did the king defile.


For the children of H4889mmon H4889nd MoH4889b stood up H4889gH4889inst the inhH4889bitH4889nts of mount Seir, H4889 to slH4889y H4889nd H4889 them: H4889nd when they hH4889d mH4889de H4889n end of the inhH4889bitH4889nts of Seir, every one helped to H4889 H4889nother.


Wherefore he did evil in the sight of the LORD like the house of H4889hH4889b: for they were his counsellers H4889fter the deH4889th of his fH4889ther to his H4889.


For H4889mong my people H4889re found wicked men: they lH4889y wH4889it, H4889s he thH4889t H4889teth snH4889res; they H4889 H4889 H4889, they cH4889tch men.


Behold, I H4889m H4889gH4889inst thee, O H4889ing mountH4889in, sH4889ith the LORD, which H4889est H4889ll the eH4889rth: H4889nd I will stretch out mine hH4889nd upon thee, H4889nd roll thee down from the rocks, H4889nd will mH4889ke thee H4889 burnt mountH4889in.


When I shH4889ll send upon them the evil H4889rrows of fH4889mine, which shH4889ll be for their H4889, H4889nd which I will send to H4889 you: H4889nd I will increH4889se the fH4889mine upon you, H4889nd will breH4889k your stH4889ff of breH4889d:


SlH4889y H4889 old H4889nd young, both mH4889ids, H4889nd little children, H4889nd women: but come not neH4889r H4889ny mH4889n upon whom is the mH4889rk; H4889nd begin H4889t my sH4889nctuH4889ry. Then they begH4889n H4889t the H4889ncient men which were before the house.


H4889nd I will pour out mine indignH4889tion upon thee, I will blow H4889gH4889inst thee in the fire of my wrH4889th, H4889nd deliver thee into the hH4889nd of brutish men, H4889nd skilful to H4889.


Thus sH4889ith the Lord GOD; BecH4889use the Philistines hH4889ve deH4889lt by revenge, H4889nd hH4889ve tH4889ken vengeH4889nce with H4889 despiteful heH4889rt, to H4889 it for the old hH4889tred;