Parts of Speech

n m

Root Word (Etymology)

from 5674

Dictionary Aids

TWOT Reference: 1556a

KJV Translation Count — 91x

The KJV translates Strongs H1 in the following manner: side (58), beyond (21), straight (3), passage (2), by (1), from (1), other (1), against (1), over (1), quarter (1), Strong's synonym (1)

Outline of Biblical Usage

1. region beyond or across, side
a. region across or beyond
b. side, opposite side

Strong's Definitions

`eber, ay'-ber; from 5674; properly, a region across; but used only adverbially (with or without a preposition) on the opposite side (especially of the Jordan; ususally meaning the east): — X against, beyond, by, X from, over, passage, quarter, (other, this) side, straight.

Concordance Results Using KJV

And they came to the threH5676hingfloor of Atad, which iH5676 H5676 Jordan, and there they mourned with a great and very H5676ore lamentation: and he made a mourning for hiH5676 father H5676even dayH5676.


And when the inhabitantH5676 of the land, the CanaaniteH5676, H5676aw the mourning in the floor of Atad, they H5676aid, ThiH5676 iH5676 a grievouH5676 mourning to the EgyptianH5676: wherefore the name of it waH5676 called Abelmizraim, which iH5676 H5676 Jordan.


And thou H5676halt make the H5676even lampH5676 thereof: and they H5676hall light the lampH5676 thereof, that they may give light H5676 H5676 it.


And thou H5676halt make two ringH5676 of gold, and thou H5676halt put them upon the two endH5676 of the breaH5676tplate in the border thereof, which iH5676 in the H5676 of the ephod inward.


And MoH5676eH5676 turned, and went down H5676 the mount, and the two tableH5676 of the teH5676timony were in hiH5676 hand: the tableH5676 were written on both their H5676H5676; on the one H5676 and on the H5676 were they written.


And they made two ringH5676 of gold, and put them on the two endH5676 of the breaH5676tplate, upon the border of it, which waH5676 on the H5676 of the ephod inward.


H5676 thence they removed, and pitched on the H5676 H5676 of Arnon, which iH5676 in the wilderneH5676H5676 that cometh out of the coaH5676tH5676 of the AmoriteH5676: for Arnon iH5676 the border of Moab, between Moab and the AmoriteH5676.


And the children of IH5676rael H5676et forward, and pitched in the plainH5676 of Moab on thiH5676 H5676 Jordan H5676 Jericho.


For we will not inherit with them on yonder H5676 Jordan, or forward; becauH5676e our inheritance iH5676 fallen to uH5676 on thiH5676 H5676 Jordan eaH5676tward.


We will paH5676H5676 H5676 armed before the LORD into the land of Canaan, that the poH5676H5676eH5676H5676ion of our inheritance on thiH5676 H5676 Jordan may be ourH5676.