Book Summary

First peter tells us that the real grace of God involves suffering – that the suffering perfects our faith, establishes us in the faith, weeds out the shad and works in us eternal qualities. Peter knew the connection between suffering , joy and glory. However in all suffering and tribulation we can know that God is working in us His good because God did not spare His own Son but delivered Him up for us all and therefore how will He not give us all things. God couldn’t have given us more than He has already done, and from that great gift comes all gifts , joy, peace and life.

Suffering also enables us to draw closer to God, for He will manifest Himself in times of trouble – and from that experience we come out of it with a deeper relationship with the Holy.

However after we have suffered a little while, we will be restored by the master craftsman Himself making us strong and firm and steadfast. (1 Peter 5:10) Suffering is indeed the tools that our Potter uses on His clay. Let us receive the suffering and the refiners fire and rejoice knowing that we are never alone – as Jesus said “I am with you even to the end of the age.”

Peter portrays Christ as the precious cornerstone of our faith. This cornerstone is the only rightful place that Christ has in our life. We are being built up in Christ into a spiritual house – for we are the temple of God.