Themes By Chapter

Book Summary

This book portrays Christ as our strength. 1 Peter talks much on suffering while second Peter talks a lot about knowledge. We are to worship God in Spirit and in truth – for we must know the person we are worshiping. The Spirit will shine on the truth we have in our minds to give us the correct concept of God. Wrong concepts of God is idolatry so if we do not know truth while we worship we may be committing idolatry. We are to worship God with our body souls and minds – to cast down every thought which exalts itself against the knowledge of God taking all thoughts into captivity. Peter tells us to gird up the loins of our minds – for that is the battleground and we don’t want to give Satan a beachhead in this area – for how a man thinks so He is. Wrong thoughts go to the heart, and what is in the heart turns into action, action turns into habit, habit becomes a lifestyle and a lifestyle becomes a destiny.

Peter tell us that we have been given the “divine nature,” which should be shown through our lives. This divine nature is not God’s attributes but God’s morality – Jesus lived a sinless life and now imputes His life to us crucifying our old life to the cross. Therefore all we have is Jesus because He now becomes our life and that life He has given us is a righteous life, an eternal life – for righteousness becomes eternal life by us knowing more and more about the unreachable riches of Christ.

Peter urges us to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we grow in knowledge of Him we will grow in His likeness. This is a day by day process of asking Him to live through us and living for Him.