Thematic Bible: A city of the tribe of benjamin

Thematic Bible

and Rekem and Irpeel and Taralah,

Lod and Ono, the valley of craftsmen.

The sons of Elpaal were Eber, Misham, and Shemed, who built Ono and Lod, with its towns;

the sons of Lod, Hadid and Ono, 725;

Madmenah has fled.
The inhabitants of Gebim have sought refuge.

Now the Philistines assembled to fight with Israel, 30,000 chariots and 6,000 horsemen, and people like the sand which is on the seashore in abundance; and they came up and camped in Michmash, east of Beth-aven.

and Mizpeh and Chephirah and Mozah,

The sons of Benjamin also lived from Geba onward, at Michmash and Aija, at Bethel and its towns, at Anathoth, Nob, Ananiah,

and Beth-arabah and Zemaraim and Bethel,