Thematic Bible

Thematic Bible

I will execute vengeance, anger, and fury on the nations who do not obey."

With your hand you expelled the nations and established our ancestors. You afflicted nations and cast them out.

Hurry and come, all you gentiles! Gather yourselves together!'" "LORD, cause your mighty army to come down. "Let the nations be awakened and come to the Valley of Jehoshaphat; because I will sit to judge all the surrounding nations. Put in the sickle, because the harvest is ripe. Come and go down, because the winepress is full. The wine vats are overflowing, because their evil is great!

If the people of Egypt do not come to Jerusalem to take part, they will have no annual Nile overflow. A plague will come from the LORD to strike the nations who do not come to observe the Festival of Tents.

God, your way is holy. What god is like our great God? God, you are the one performing awesome deeds. You reveal your might among the nations. You delivered your people the descendants of Jacob and Joseph with your power. Interlude read more.
The waters saw you, God; the waters saw you and writhed. Indeed, the depths of the sea quaked. The clouds poured rain; the skies rumbled. Indeed, your lightning bolts flashed. Your thunderous sound was in a whirlwind; your lightning lights up the world; the earth becomes agitated and quakes. Your way was through the sea, and your path through mighty waters, but your footprints cannot be traced. You have led your people like a flock by the hands of Moses and Aaron. An instruction of Asaph

God comes from Teman the Holy One from Mount Paran. Interlude His glory spreads throughout the heavens, and praises about him fill the earth. His radiance is like sunlight; beams of light shine from his hand, where his strength lays hidden. Before him pestilence walks, and disease follows behind him. read more.
He stood up and shook the land; with his stare he startled the nations. The age-old mountains were shattered, and the ancient hilltops bowed down. His ways are eternal. I saw the tents of Cushan in distress, and the tent curtains of the land of Midian in anguish. Was the LORD displeased with the rivers? Was your anger directed against the watercourses or your wrath against the sea? Indeed, you rode upon your horses, upon your chariots of deliverance. Your bow was exposed, and your arrows targeted by command. Interlude You split the earth with rivers. When the mountains looked upon you, they trembled; the overflowing water passed by, the ocean shouted, and its waves surged upward. The sun and moon stand still in their orbits; at the glint of your arrows they speed along, even at the gleam of your flashing spear. You march through the land in righteous indignation; you tread down the nations in anger.

For this is what the LORD of the Heavenly Armies, the God of Israel, says: "The daughter of Babylon is like a threshing floor at the time when it's pounded down. In just a little while, the time of her harvest will come."

O my downtrodden people, my wall! I'll tell you what I have heard from the LORD of the Heavenly Armies, the God of Israel."