Thematic Bible

Thematic Bible

Burn not with vexation because of evil-doers, Be not envious of the workers of perversity;

At peace are the tents that belong to the spoilers, and there is security to them who provoke GOD, To him who bringeth a god in his hand.

A noise of dreadful things, is in his ears, In prosperity, the destroyer cometh upon him;

That, the joy-shout of the lawless, is short, and, the rejoicing of the impious, for a moment?

Though a sinner be committing wickedness a hundred times, and continuing long in his own way, yet I surely know that it shall be well to them who revere God, who stand in awe before him; but, well, shall it not be to the lawless man, neither shall he lengthen out his days like a shadow, - because he standeth not in awe before God.

I have seen a lawless man, a tyrant, and spreading himself out, like a cedar in Lebanon; Then I passed by, and lo! he had vanished! Yea I sought him, but he could not be found.

Now, therefore, we are pronouncing happy - the proud, - and, the doers of lawlessness have, even been built up, and, they who have put God to the proof, have even been delivered.

Wherefore shouldst thou let me see iniquity, and, wrong, shouldst let me behold, and, force and violence, be straight before me, - and there should have ever been someone who, contention and strife, would uphold? For which cause, benumbed is the law, and there is never any going forth of justice, - for, the lawless, doth circumvent the righteous, for which cause, justice doth go forth perverted?

I, have seen the foolish taking root, and then hath his home decayed, in a moment: His children are far removed from safety, and they are crushed in the gate, and there is none to deliver: Whose harvest, the hungry, eateth up, and, even out of thorn hedges, he taketh it, and the snare gapeth for their substance.

A wanderer, he, for bread, saying Where is it ? He knoweth that, prepared by his own hand, is the day of darkness;

For he had covered his face with his fatness, and had gathered a superabundance on his loins;

He shall not be rich, nor shall his substance continue, neither shall their shadow stretch along on the earth;

When his abundance is gone, he shall be in straits, All the power of distress, shall come upon him.

Wherefore do, lawless men, live, advance in years, even wax mighty in power? Their seed, is established in their sight, along with them, yea their offspring, before their eyes; Their houses, are at peace, without dread, neither is, the rod of GOD, upon them; read more.
His bull, covereth, and causeth not aversion, His cow safely calveth, and casteth not her young; They send forth - like a flock - their young ones, and, their children, skip about for joy; They rejoice aloud as with timbrel and lyre, and make merry to the sound of the pipe; They complete, in prosperity, their days, and, in a moment to hades, they sink down.

For it is seen that, the wise, die, Together with the dullard, and the brutish, do they perish, And leave, to others, their wealth: Their, inward thought, is that their houses are for times age-biding, Their habitations, for generation after generation, - They give their own names unto lands! But, a son of earth, though wealthy, cannot tarry, He hath made himself a by-word - Beasts, they resemble: read more.
This, their way, is a folly to them, And yet, their followers, with their mouth, approve. Selah. Like sheep - into hades, are they driven, Death shall shepherd them, - And the upright shall have dominion over them in the morning, Even their form, is to decay, Hades, is all that remaineth of a habitation for him. But, God, will redeem my soul, out of the hand of hades, For he will take me. Selah.

For I was envious of the boasters, At the prosperity of the lawless, used I to look. For they have no pangs in their death, And vigorous is their body; Of the toil of weak mortals, have they none, Nor, with the sons of earth, are they hard smitten. read more.
For this cause, doth arrogance deck them as a neck-chain, And a garment of wrong is their attire; Their iniquity, hath proceeded from fatness, They have surpassed the imaginations of the heart; They mock, and wickedly command oppression, From on high, they command; They have set, in the heavens, their mouth, And, their tongue, marcheth through the earth. Therefore must his people return thither, And, the waters of abundance, are drained by them; And they say - How doth GOD know? And is there knowledge in the Most High? Lo! these, are the lawless, Who are secure for an age, They have attained unto wealth. Altogether in vain, Have I cleansed my heart, And bathed in pureness, my hands; And yet been smitten all the day, And been rebuked morning by morning! If I had thought, I will relate it thus, Lo! the circle of thy sons, had I betrayed. When I reasoned, that I might understand this, A vexation, it was in mine eyes: Until I could enter the holy places of God, - Could give heed to their hereafter: - Surely, in slippery places, dost thou set them, - Thou hast suffered them to fall into places of danger. How have they become desolate, as in a moment! They have ceased - come to an end, by reason of calamities. As the dream of him that waketh, O my Lord! when rousing thyself up, their shadowy being, wilt thou despise. But my heart had grown embittered, And, in my reins, had I received wounds; But, I, was brutish, and could not perceive, Like the beasts, had I become before thee.

A man that is brutish, cannot know, And, dullard, cannot discern this: - When the lawless do thrive like grass, And all the workers of iniquity have blossomed, It is that they may be destroyed for ever.

Righteous, art thou O Yahweh, when I present my pleading unto thee, - Yet, concerning the things that are right, let me speak with thee, - Wherefore hath, the way of the lawless, prospered? Wherefore have all, utter traitors, been at ease? Thou didst plant them, yea they took root, They have gone on yea they have borne fruit, - Near, art thou, in their mouth, But far off from their affections,

Thou whose eyes are too pure to look with approval on wrong, to respect oppression, canst not endure, - Wherefore, shouldst thou respect the treacherous? Be silent, when the lawless, swalloweth up, one more righteous than he? So wouldst thou have made Men, like the fishes of the sea, - like the creeping thing that hath no ruler over it: All of which, with a hook, one bringeth up, raketh together with his drag, and hath gathered with his net, - read more.
On which account, he is glad and exulteth: on which account, he sacrificeth to his Net, and burneth incense to his Drag; because, thereby, rich, is his portion, and his food - fatness! Shall he, on this account, empty his net? And, the continual slaying of nations, deem to be no pity?