Thematic Bible

John 13:1 (show verse)

Now before the passover festival Jesus knew the time had come for him to pass from this world to the Father. He had loved his own in this world and he loved them to the end;

John 13:2 (show verse)

so at supper, knowing that though the devil had suggested to Judas Iscariot, Simon's son, to betray him,

John 13:3 (show verse)

the Father had put everything into his hands ??knowing that he had come from God and was going to God,

John 13:4 (show verse)

he rose from table, laid aside his robe, and tied a towel round him,

John 13:5 (show verse)

then poured water into a basin, and began to wash the feet of the disciples, wiping them with the towel he had tied round him.

John 13:6 (show verse)

He came to Simon Peter. "Lord," said he, "you to wash my feet!"

John 13:7 (show verse)

Jesus answered him, "You do not understand just now what I am doing, but you will understand it later on."

John 13:8 (show verse)

Said Peter, "You will never wash my feet, never!" "Unless I wash you," Jesus replied, "you will not share my lot."

John 13:9 (show verse)

"Lord," said Simon Peter, "then wash not only my feet but my hands and head."

John 13:10 (show verse)

Jesus said, "He who has bathed only needs to have his feet washed; he is clean all over. And you are clean ??but not all of you"

John 13:11 (show verse)

(he knew the traitor; that was why he said, "You are not all clean").

John 13:12 (show verse)

Then, after washing their feet and putting on his robe, he lay down again. "Do you know," he said to them, "what I have been doing to you?

John 13:13 (show verse)

You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right: that is what I am.

John 13:14 (show verse)

Well, if I have washed your feet, I who am your Lord and Teacher, you are bound to wash one another's feet;

John 13:15 (show verse)

for I have been setting you an example, that you should do what I have done to you.

John 13:16 (show verse)

Truly, truly I tell you, a servant is not greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than he who sent him.

John 13:17 (show verse)

If you know all this, blessed are you if you really do it.

John 13:18 (show verse)

When I say 'you,' I do not mean you all; I know the men of my choice, and I made my choice that this scripture might be fulfilled, he who eats my bread has lifted up his heel against me.

John 13:19 (show verse)

I am telling you this now, before it occurs, so that when it has occurred you may believe who I am.

John 13:20 (show verse)

(Truly, truly I tell you, he who receives anyone I send receives me, and he who receives me receives him who sent me.)"

John 13:21 (show verse)

On saying this, Jesus was disquieted in spirit: he testified and said, "Truly, truly I tell you, one of you will betray me."

John 13:22 (show verse)

The disciples looked at each other, at a loss to know which of them he meant.

John 13:23 (show verse)

As one of his disciples was reclining on his breast ??he was the favourite of Jesus ??24 Peter nodded to him, saying, "Tell us who he means."

John 13:24 (show verse)

John 13:25 (show verse)

The disciple just leant back on the breast of Jesus and said, "Lord, who is it?"

John 13:26 (show verse)

Jesus answered, "The man I am going to give this piece of bread to, when I dip it in the dish." Then he took the piece of bread, dipped it, and gave it to Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot;

John 13:27 (show verse)

and when he took the bread, at that moment Satan entered him. Then Jesus told him, "Be quick with what you have to do."

John 13:28 (show verse)

(None of those at table understood why he said this to him;

John 13:29 (show verse)

some of them thought that as Judas kept the money-box, Jesus told him to buy what they needed for the festival or to give something to the poor.)

John 13:30 (show verse)

So Judas went out immediately after taking the bread. And it was night.

John 13:31 (show verse)

When he had gone out, Jesus said, Now at last the Son of man is glorified, and in him God is glorified: [if God is glorified in him,]

John 13:32 (show verse)

God will glorify him in Himself and glorify him at once.

John 13:33 (show verse)

My dear children, I am only to be with you a little longer; then you will look for me, and, as I told the Jews I tell you now, where I go you cannot come.

John 13:34 (show verse)

I give you a new command, to love one another ??as I have loved you, you are to love one another.

John 13:35 (show verse)

By this everyone will recognize that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another."

John 13:36 (show verse)

"Lord," said Simon Peter, "where are you going?" Jesus replied, "I am going where you cannot follow me at present; later on you will follow me."

John 13:37 (show verse)

"Lord," said Peter, "why cannot I follow you just now? I will lay down my life for you."

John 13:38 (show verse)

Jesus replied, "Lay down your life for me? Truly, truly I tell you, before the cock crows, you will have disowned me thrice over.