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14 Bible Verses about Anointing, Performed On

Most Relevant Verses

1 Chronicles 16:15-17

Remember his covenant forever, the word he commanded for a thousand generations, that he {made} with Abraham, his sworn oath to Isaac. And he confirmed it to Jacob as a statute, an everlasting covenant to Israel,

Exodus 29:1

"And this [is] the thing that you will do for them to consecrate them to serve as a priest for me: Take {one young bull} and two rams without defect

1 Samuel 10:1

Then Samuel took a flask of oil and poured it over his head and kissed him and said, "{Has not} Yahweh anointed you as leader over his inheritance?

Psalm 2:2

[The] kings of [the] earth establish themselves, and the rulers conspire together against Yahweh and his anointed:

Exodus 30:26-28

And you will anoint with it the tent of assembly and the ark of the testimony, and the table and all its equipment and the lampstand and its equipment and the incense altar, and the altar of burnt offering and all its equipment and the basin and its stand.

Exodus 40:12-15

And you will bring Aaron and his sons to the entrance of the tent of assembly, and you will wash them with the water. And you will clothe Aaron with the holy garments, and you will anoint him, and you will consecrate him, and he will serve as a priest for me. And you will bring his sons, and you will clothe them [with] more.
And you will anoint them as you anointed their father, and they will serve as priests for me. And their anointing will be for them to be a lasting priesthood throughout their generations."

Leviticus 4:16

Then the anointed priest shall bring {some of} the bull's blood to [the] tent of assembly,

Leviticus 21:10-12

" 'As for the priest [who is] higher than his brothers, on whose head the oil of anointment is poured and {he was ordained} to wear the garments, he shall not dishevel his head, and he shall not tear his garments. And he shall not go near any dead person, nor shall he make himself unclean for his father or for his mother. And he shall not go out from the sanctuary, and he shall not profane his God's sanctuary, because the dedication of his God's oil of anointment [is] on him; I [am] Yahweh.

1 Chronicles 29:22

And they ate and drank before Yahweh on that day with great joy. And they made Solomon the son of David king the second time, and they anointed [him] commander for Yahweh, and Zadok the priest.

1 Kings 1:39

Then Zadok the priest took the horn of oil from the tent, and he anointed Solomon. They blew on the trumpet, and all the people said, "Long live King Solomon!"

1 Samuel 16:12-13

So he sent and brought him. Now he [was] ruddy with beautiful eyes and of {handsome} appearance. And Yahweh said, "Arise, anoint him, for this [is] he." So Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers. Then the Spirit of Yahweh rushed upon David from that day {on}. Then Samuel got up and went to Ramah.

2 Samuel 5:3

All the elders of Israel came to the king at Hebron, and King David {made a covenant} with them at Hebron in the presence of Yahweh; then they anointed David as king over Israel.

2 Kings 11:12

Then he brought out the son of the king, put the crown on him with the testimony, and they made him king, anointed him, clapped [their] hands, and said, "[Long] live the king!"

1 Kings 19:15-16

Then Yahweh said to him, "Go, return on your way to the wilderness of Damascus. Go and anoint Hazael as king over Aram; and Jehu son of Nimshi you shall anoint as king over Israel. You shall also anoint Elisha son of Shaphat from Abel-Meholah as prophet in your place.

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