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9 Bible Verses about Birth, Physical

Most Relevant Verses

Job 10:8-12

Thy hands have taken pains about me, And they make me together round about, And Thou swallowest me up! Remember, I pray Thee, That as clay Thou hast made me, And unto dust Thou dost bring me back. Dost Thou not as milk pour me out? And as cheese curdle me?read more.
Skin and flesh Thou dost put on me, And with bones and sinews dost fence me. Life and kindness Thou hast done with me. And Thy inspection hath preserved my spirit.

Psalm 71:6

By Thee I have been supported from the womb, From my mother's bowels Thou dost cut me out, In Thee is my praise continually.

John 9:34

They answered and said to him, 'In sins thou wast born altogether, and thou dost teach us!' and they cast him forth without.

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