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Theasaurus: Burdens

11 Bible Verses about Burdens

Most Relevant Verses

Nehemiah 4:17

Those that built on the wall and those that bore burdens and those that laded wrought with one hand in the work and with the other held a weapon.

Luke 11:46

And he said, Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye burden men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.

Psalm 38:4

For my iniquities are gone over my head; as a heavy burden they are too heavy for me.

Topics on Burdens

Easy Burdens


Thy father made our yoke grievous; now therefore make thou the grievous service of thy father and his heavy yoke which he put upon us, lighter, and we will serve thee.

Heavy Burdens


Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Removing Burdens


I removed his shoulder from the burden; his hands were delivered from working with clay.

Sharing Burdens


Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfil the law of the Christ.