Changing Direction

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 24:49

So now, {if you are going to deal loyally and truly} with my master, tell me. And if not, tell me, so that I may turn to [the] right or to [the] left."

2 Samuel 2:21

Abner said to him, "Turn aside to your right or to your left; seize for yourself one of the young men, and take his belongings for yourself." But Asahel [was] not willing to turn aside from him.

Isaiah 30:21

And your ears shall hear a word from behind you, saying, "this [is] the way; walk in it," when you go to your right and when you go to your left.

Deuteronomy 2:3

'[Long] enough you have been skirting this mountain; turn yourselves north,

2 Corinthians 5:2

For indeed, in this [house] we groan, [because we] desire to put on our dwelling from heaven,

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