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Theasaurus: Corners

12 Bible Verses about Corners

Most Relevant Verses

Leviticus 19:27

ye shall not shave the corners of your head round, neither shalt thou mutilate the corners of thy beard.

Exodus 26:23

And two boards shalt thou make for the corners of the tabernacle at the rear;

Exodus 26:24

and they shall be joined beneath, and together shall be united at the top thereof to one ring: thus shall it be for them both; they shall be for the two corners.

Ezekiel 46:21

And he brought me forth into the outer court, and caused me to pass by the four corners of the court; and behold, in every corner of the court there was a court.

Ezekiel 46:22

In the four corners of the court there were enclosed courts, forty cubits long and thirty broad: these four corner courts were of one measure.

Ezekiel 43:20

And thou shalt take of its blood, and put it on the four horns thereof, and on the four corners of the settle, and upon the border round about: so shalt thou purge and make atonement for it.

1 Kings 7:5

And all the doors and posts were square, with an architrave; and window was against window in three ranks.

Zechariah 9:15

Jehovah of hosts will defend them; and they shall devour, and shall tread down the sling-stones; and they shall drink, and make a noise as from wine; and they shall be filled like a bowl, like the corners of the altar.

Proverbs 7:12

now without, now in the broadways, and she lieth in wait at every corner.

Topics on Corners

Four Corners


At the four quarters were the doorkeepers, toward the east, west, north, and south.