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19 Bible Verses about Dimensions Of Chambers

Most Relevant Verses

Ezekiel 41:10

and the outer chambers was 35 feet wide all around the temple.

Ezekiel 42:4

In front of the chambers was a walkway toward the inside, 17½ feet wide and 175 feet long, and their entrances were on the north.

Ezekiel 40:7

Each recess was about 10 feet long and 10 feet deep, and there was a space of 8¾ feet between the recesses. The inner threshold of the gate on the temple side next to the gate’s portico was about 10 feet.

Ezekiel 41:4

He then measured the length of the room adjacent to the great hall, 35 feet, and the width, 35 feet. And he said to me, “This is the most holy place.”

Ezekiel 41:2

The width of the entrance was 17½ feet, and the side walls of the entrance were 8¾ feet wide on each side. He also measured the length of the great hall, 70 feet, and the width, 35 feet.

Ezekiel 42:8

For the chambers on the outer court were 87½ feet long, while those facing the great hall were 175 feet long.

Ezekiel 41:8

I saw that the temple had a raised platform surrounding it; this foundation for the side rooms was 10½ feet high.

Ezekiel 40:49

The portico was 35 feet across and 21 feet deep, and 10 steps led up to it. There were pillars by the pilasters, one on each side.

Ezekiel 41:5

Then he measured the wall of the temple; it was 10½ feet thick. The width of the side rooms all around the temple was seven feet.

Ezekiel 40:12

There was a barrier of 21 inches in front of the recesses on both sides, and the recesses on each side were 10½ feet square.

Ezekiel 40:30

(There were porticoes all around, 43¾ feet long and 8¾ feet wide.)

1 Kings 6:6

The lowest chamber was 7½ feet wide, the middle was nine feet wide, and the third was 10½ feet wide. He also provided offset ledges for the temple all around the outside so that nothing would be inserted into the temple walls.

1 Kings 6:10

He built the chambers along the entire temple, joined to the temple with cedar beams; each story was 7½ feet high.

1 Kings 6:17

The temple, that is, the sanctuary in front of the most holy place, was 60 feet long.

1 Kings 6:3

The portico in front of the temple sanctuary was 30 feet long extending across the temple’s width, and 15 feet deep in front of the temple.

1 Kings 6:16

Then he lined 30 feet of the rear of the temple with cedar boards from the floor to the surface of the ceiling, and he built the interior as an inner sanctuary, the most holy place.

1 Kings 6:20

The interior of the sanctuary was 30 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 30 feet high; he overlaid it with pure gold. He also overlaid the cedar altar.

2 Chronicles 3:4

The portico, which was across the front extending across the width of the temple, was 30 feet wide; its height was 30 feet; he overlaid its inner surface with pure gold.

2 Chronicles 3:8

Then he made the most holy place; its length corresponded to the width of the temple, 30 feet, and its width was 30 feet. He overlaid it with 45,000 pounds of fine gold.

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