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16 Bible Verses about Diseases, Kinds Of

Most Relevant Verses

Job 16:8

And thou hast filled me with wrinkles, which is a witness against me: and my leanness rising up in me bears witness to my face.

Exodus 9:10

And they took the soot of the furnace and stood before Pharaoh; and Moses sprinkled it up toward heaven; and boils breaking forth with blisters came upon man and upon beast

Deuteronomy 28:22

The LORD shall smite thee with a consumption and with a fever and with an inflammation and with an extreme burning and with the sword and with blight and with mildew; and they shall pursue thee until thou perish.

Mark 7:32

And they bring unto him one that was deaf and had an impediment in his speech, and they beseech him to put his hand upon him.

Luke 14:2

And, behold, there was a certain man before him who had the dropsy.

Acts 28:8

And it came to pass that the father of Publius lay sick of a fever and of dysentery, to whom Paul entered in and prayed and laid his hands on him and healed him.

Daniel 4:33

The same hour the word was fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar: and he was driven from among men and ate grass as the oxen, and his body was bathed with the dew of heaven until his hair grew like eagles' feathers and his nails like birds' claws.

Deuteronomy 28:27

The LORD will smite thee with the boil of Egypt and with the hemorrhoids and with the scab and with the itch, of which thou canst not be healed.

Luke 16:20

and there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, who was laid at his gate, full of sores

1 Samuel 5:6

But the hand of the LORD was heavy upon those of Ashdod, and he destroyed them and smote them with hemorrhoids in Ashdod and within all their borders.

Psalm 102:23

He weakened my strength in the way; he shortened my days.

Matthew 9:27

And when Jesus departed from there, two blind men followed him, crying out and saying, Thou Son of David, have mercy on us.

Matthew 9:32

And as they went out, behold, they brought to him a dumb man possessed with a demon.

Matthew 4:24

And his fame went throughout all Syria; and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with diverse diseases and torments and those who were possessed with devils and those who were lunatic and those that were paralyzed; and he healed them.

Matthew 8:14

And when Jesus was come into Peter's house, he saw his wife's mother lying in bed and with fever.

Matthew 9:20

And, behold, a woman who was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years came behind him and touched the hem of his garment;

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