Doubting The Resurrection

Most Relevant Verses

Matthew 28:17

There they saw Him and prostrated themselves before Him. Yet some doubted.

Mark 16:11

But they, when they were told that He was alive and that she had seen Him, could not believe it.

Mark 16:13

These, again, went and told the news to the rest; but not even them did they believe.

Luke 24:11

But the whole story seemed to them an idle tale; they could not believe the women.

Luke 24:41

But, while they still could not believe it for joy and were full of astonishment, He asked them, "Have you any food here?"

John 20:25

So the rest of the disciples told him, "We have seen the Master!" His reply was, "Unless I see in his hands the wound made by the nails and put my finger into the wound, and put my hand into his side, I will never believe it."

John 20:27

Then He said to Thomas, "Bring your finger here and feel my hands; bring you hand and put it into my side; and do not be ready to disbelieve but to believe."

Mark 16:14

Later still He showed Himself to the Eleven themselves whilst they were at table, and He upbraided them with their unbelief and obstinacy in not having believed those who had seen Him alive.

Luke 24:38

but He said to them, "Why such alarm? And why are there such questionings in your minds?

Acts 26:8

Why is it deemed with all of you a thing past belief if God raises the dead to life?

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