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10 Bible Verses about God Helps The Poor

Most Relevant Verses

1 Samuel 2:8

He raiseth from the dust the poor, From a dunghill He lifteth up the needy, To cause them to sit with nobles, Yea, a throne of honour He doth cause them to inherit, For to Jehovah are the fixtures of earth, And He setteth on them the habitable world.

Job 5:15

And He saveth the wasted from their mouth, And from a strong hand the needy,

Psalm 109:31

For He standeth at the right hand of the needy, To save from those judging his soul.

Psalm 113:7

He is raising up from the dust the poor, From a dunghill He exalteth the needy.

Job 36:15

He draweth out the afflicted in his affliction, And uncovereth in oppression their ear.

Job 34:28

To cause to come in unto Him The cry of the poor, And the cry of the afflicted He heareth.

Psalm 107:41

And setteth on high the needy from affliction, And placeth families as a flock.

Proverbs 29:13

The poor and the man of frauds have met together, Jehovah is enlightening the eyes of them both.

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