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12 Bible Verses about God Is Just

Most Relevant Verses

Job 34:17

Can one who hates justice really govern? And if God is righteous and mighty, can you condemn him?

Job 33:5

Answer me, if you can! Present your case! Take your stand in my presence!

Job 36:6

He doesn't let the wicked live; he grants justice to the afflicted.

Job 30:18

My clothes are disheveled by his forceful treatment of me; he restricts my movement like the collar of my cloak.

Job 18:4

You're tearing yourself to pieces in your anger. Will the land be abandoned because of you, or the rock be moved from its place?"

Job 3:5

Let darkness and deep gloom reclaim it; let clouds settle down on it; let blackness in mid-day terrify it.

Acts 2:7

Stunned and amazed, they asked, "All of these people who are speaking are Galileans, aren't they?

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