God Trapping

Most Relevant Verses

Isaiah 8:14

He will be a sanctuary;
but for the two houses of Israel,
He will be a stone to stumble over
and a rock to trip over,
and a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

Jeremiah 50:24

Babylon, I laid a trap for you, and you were caught,
but you did not even know it.
You were found and captured
because you fought against the Lord.

Ezekiel 12:13

But I will spread My net over him, and he will be caught in My snare. I will bring him to Babylon, the land of the Chaldeans, yet he will not see it, and he will die there.

Ezekiel 17:20

I will spread My net over him, and he will be caught in My snare. I will bring him to Babylon and execute judgment on him there for the treachery he committed against Me.

Ezekiel 32:3

This is what the Lord God says:I will spread My net over you
with an assembly of many peoples,
and they will haul you up in My net.

Hosea 7:12

As they are going, I will spread My net over them;
I will bring them down like birds of the sky.
I will discipline them in accordance
with the news that reaches their assembly.

Lamentations 1:13

?MemHe sent fire from heaven into my bones;
He made it descend.
He spread a net for my feet
and turned me back.
He made me desolate,
sick all day long.

Job 19:6

then understand that it is God who has wronged me
and caught me in His net.

Psalm 66:11

You lured us into a trap;
You placed burdens on our backs.

Proverbs 29:6

An evil man is caught by sin,
but the righteous one sings and rejoices.

Job 18:8-10

For his own feet lead him into a net,
and he strays into its mesh. A trap catches him by the heel;
a noose seizes him. A rope lies hidden for him on the ground,
and a snare waits for him along the path.

Ecclesiastes 9:12

For man certainly does not know his time: like fish caught in a cruel net or like birds caught in a trap, so people are trapped in an evil time as it suddenly falls on them.

Job 22:10

Therefore snares surround you,
and sudden dread terrifies you,

Proverbs 22:5

There are thorns and snares on the path of the crooked;
the one who guards himself stays far from them.

Psalm 69:22

Let their table set before them be a snare,
and let it be a trap for their allies.

Amos 3:5

Does a bird land in a trap on the ground
if there is no bait for it?
Does a trap spring from the ground
when it has caught nothing?

Isaiah 24:17

Panic, pit, and trap await you
who dwell on the earth.

Jeremiah 48:43

Panic, pit, and trap
await you, resident of Moab.
This is the Lord’s declaration.

Isaiah 24:18

Whoever flees at the sound of panic
will fall into a pit,
and whoever escapes from the pit
will be caught in a trap.
For the windows are opened from heaven,
and the foundations of the earth are shaken.

Jeremiah 48:44

He who flees from the panic will fall in the pit,
and he who climbs from the pit
will be captured in the trap,
for I will bring against Moab
the year of their punishment.
This is the Lord’s declaration.

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