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Theasaurus: Haircloth

16 Bible Verses about Haircloth

Most Relevant Verses

2 Kings 1:8

They answered, "The man was a hairy fellow. He wore a leather sash around his waist." The king responded, "It's Elijah, that foreigner!"

Jeremiah 4:8

So, put on sackcloth, mourn and wail, because the burning anger of the LORD has not turned away from us."

Jeremiah 2:35

you say, "I'm innocent. Surely his anger has turned away from me.'" "I'm about to bring charges against you because you say, "I haven't sinned.'

Exodus 35:6

blue, purple, and scarlet material; fine linen and goat hair;

Exodus 35:23

Everyone who had blue, purple, and scarlet material, fine linen, goat hair, ram skins dyed red, and dolphin skins brought them.

Exodus 35:26

All the women who were skilled artisans spun the goat hair.

Exodus 26:7

"You are to make curtains of goat hair for a tent over the tent. You are to make eleven curtains.

Exodus 36:14

He made curtains of goat hair for a tent over the tent; he made 11 curtains.

Numbers 31:20

Furthermore, you are to purify every garment that is, everything made of leather, goat's hair, or containing wood."

1 Samuel 19:13

Then Michal took the household idol and laid it on the bed with a cover of goat hair placed at its head. Then she covered it with clothes.

1 Samuel 19:16

The messengers went in, and there was the household idol in the bed with the cover of goat hair at its head!

Zechariah 13:4

Furthermore, it will come about at that time that every prophet will become ashamed of his vision as he prophesies. They will wear no rough garments intended to deceive others."

Matthew 3:4

John had clothing made of camel's hair and wore a leather belt around his waist. His diet consisted of grasshoppers and wild honey.

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