Laws About Pledges

Most Relevant Verses

Deuteronomy 24:6

“Do not take a pair of millstones or an upper millstone as security for a debt, because that is like taking a life as security.

Deuteronomy 24:10-11

“When you make a loan of any kind to your neighbor, do not enter his house to collect what he offers as security. You must stand outside while the man you are making the loan to brings the security out to you.

Exodus 22:26

“If you ever take your neighbor’s cloak as collateral, return it to him before sunset.

Deuteronomy 24:12-13

If he is a poor man, you must not sleep in the garment he has given as security. Be sure to return it to him at sunset. Then he will sleep in it and bless you, and this will be counted as righteousness to you before the Lord your God.

Ezekiel 18:7

He doesn’t oppress anyone but returns his collateral to the debtor. He does not commit robbery, but gives his bread to the hungry and covers the naked with clothing.

Ezekiel 18:16

He doesn’t oppress anyone, hold collateral, or commit robbery. He gives his bread to the hungry and covers the naked with clothing.

Ezekiel 33:15

he returns collateral, makes restitution for what he has stolen, and walks in the statutes of life without practicing iniquity—he will certainly live; he will not die.

Ezekiel 18:12

and when he oppresses the poor and needy, commits robbery, and does not return collateral, and when he raises his eyes to the idols, commits detestable acts,

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