Morning Worship

Most Relevant Verses

Exodus 29:39

In the morning offer one lamb, and at twilight offer the other lamb.

Numbers 28:4

Offer one lamb in the morning and the other lamb at twilight,

Ezekiel 46:13

“You must offer an unblemished year-old male lamb as a daily burnt offering to the Lord; you will offer it every morning.

Ezekiel 46:15

They will offer the lamb, the grain offering, and the oil every morning as a regular burnt offering.

Ezekiel 46:14

You must also prepare a grain offering every morning along with it: three quarts, with one-third of a gallon of oil to moisten the fine flour—a grain offering to the Lord. This is a permanent statute to be observed regularly.

Leviticus 9:17

Next he presented the grain offering, took a handful of it, and burned it on the altar in addition to the morning burnt offering.

2 Kings 3:20

About the time for the grain offering the next morning, water suddenly came from the direction of Edom and filled the land.

Leviticus 6:12

The fire on the altar is to be kept burning; it must not go out. Every morning the priest will burn wood on the fire. He is to arrange the burnt offering on the fire and burn the fat portions from the fellowship offerings on it.

Psalm 88:13

But I call to You for help, Lord;
in the morning my prayer meets You.

1 Kings 18:26

So they took the bull that he gave them, prepared it, and called on the name of Baal from morning until noon, saying, “Baal, answer us!” But there was no sound; no one answered. Then they danced, hobbling around the altar they had made.

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