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8 Bible Verses about Mountains Quaking

Most Relevant Verses

Jeremiah 4:24

I looked at the mountains; they were quaking, and all the hills moved back and forth.

Exodus 19:18

Mount Sinai was completely enveloped in smoke because the LORD had come down in fire on it. Smoke went up from it like smoke from a kiln, and the whole mountain shook violently.

Isaiah 5:25

Therefore the anger of the LORD burned against his people, so he stretched out his hands against them and afflicted them. The mountains quaked, and their corpses were like refuse in the middle of the streets. Throughout all of this, his anger has not turned away, and his hands are still stretched out to attack.

Isaiah 64:3

When you did awesome deeds that we expected, you came down, and the mountains shuddered before you.

Isaiah 64:1

If only you would tear open the heavens and come down, so that the mountains would quake at your presence

Judges 5:5

Mountains tremble at the presence of the LORD even Sinai! at the presence of the LORD God of Israel.

Nahum 1:5

Mountains shake because of him, and the hills melt. The earth goes into upheaval at his presence, as does the world with all of its inhabitants.

Habakkuk 3:10

When the mountains looked upon you, they trembled; the overflowing water passed by, the ocean shouted, and its waves surged upward.

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