No One To Be Found

Most Relevant Verses

Numbers 26:64

But none of these men among these numbered by Moses and by Aaron the priest (that is, when they numbered the Israelis in the wilderness of Sinai) survived to enter the land,

Judges 21:3

"Why, LORD God of Israel," they asked him, "is one tribe missing from Israel?"

Judges 21:6

But the Israelis were mourning for their relatives in the tribe of Benjamin. They announced, "One tribe has been eliminated from Israel today!

Lamentations 5:14

Our elders have ceased ruling at the gate; our young men have abandoned their music.

Lamentations 1:4

The roads that lead to Zion are in mourning, because no one travels to the festivals. All her gates are desolate; her priests are moaning. Her young women are grieving, and she is bitter.

Jeremiah 10:20

My tent is destroyed, and all my tent cords are broken. My sons have gone away from me, they no longer live. There is no one to pitch my tent again and set up my curtains.

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