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18 Bible Verses about Other References To Mouths

Most Relevant Verses

Hebrews 11:33

men who, as the result of faith, conquered whole kingdoms, brought about true justice, obtained promises from God, stopped lions' mouths,

Revelation 12:15

And the serpent poured water from his mouth--a very river it seemed--after the woman, in the hope that she would be carried away by its flood.

Revelation 12:16

But the earth came to the woman's help: it opened its mouth and drank up the river which the Dragon had poured from his mouth.

Matthew 15:11

It is not what goes into a man's mouth that defiles him; but it is what comes out of his mouth--*that* defiles a man."

Matthew 15:17

Do you not understand that whatever enters the mouth passes into the stomach and is afterwards ejected from the body?

Matthew 15:18

But the things that come out of the mouth proceed from the heart, and it is these that defile the man.

John 19:29

There was a jar of wine standing there. With this wine they filled a sponge, put it on the end of a stalk of hyssop, and lifted it to His mouth.

Acts 23:2

On hearing this the High Priest Ananias ordered those who were standing near Paul to strike him on the mouth.

Romans 3:13

"Their throats resemble an opened grave; with their tongues they have been talking deceitfully." "The venom of vipers lies hidden behind their lips."

James 3:3

Remember that we put the horses' bit into their mouths to make them obey us, and so we turn their whole bodies round.

Revelation 1:16

In His right hand He held seven stars, and a sharp, two-edged sword was seen coming from His mouth; and His glance resembled the sun when it is shining with its full strength.

Revelation 19:15

From His mouth there comes a sharp sword with which He will smite the nations; and He will Himself be their Shepherd, ruling them with a scepter of iron; and it is His work to tread the winepress of the fierce anger of God, the Ruler of all.

Revelation 2:16

Repent, at once; or else I will come to you quickly, and will make war upon them with the sword which is in My mouth.

Revelation 9:17

And this was the appearance of the horses which I saw in my vision--and of their riders. The body-armour of the riders was red, blue and yellow; and the horses' heads were shaped like the heads of lions, while from their mouths there came fire and smoke and sulphur.

Revelation 9:18

By these three plagues a third part of mankind were destroyed--by the fire and the smoke, and by the sulphur which came from their mouths.

Revelation 9:19

For the power of the horses is in their mouths and in their tails; their tails being like serpents, and having heads, and it is with them that they inflict injury.

Revelation 13:2

The Wild Beast which I saw resembled a leopard, and had feet like the feet of a bear, and his mouth was like the mouth of a lion; and it was to the Dragon that he owed his power and his throne and his wide dominion.

Revelation 16:13

Then I saw three foul spirits, resembling frogs, issue from the mouth of the Dragon, from the mouth of the Wild Beast, and from the mouth of the false Prophet.

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