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15 Bible Verses about photography

Most Relevant Verses

Habakkuk 3:18

as for me, I will rejoice in the LORD. I will find my joy in the God who delivers me.

Habakkuk 3:19

The LORD God is my strength he will make my feet like those of a deer, equipping me to tread on my mountain heights. For the choir director: On my stringed instruments.

Habakkuk 3:17

Even though the fig tree does not blossom, and there are no grapes on the vines; even if the olive harvest fails, and the fields produce nothing edible; even if the flock is snatched from the sheepfold, and there is no herd in the stalls

2 Timothy 4:3

For the time will come when people will not tolerate healthy doctrine, but with itching ears will surround themselves with teachers who cater to their people's own desires.

Job 25:3

Is there any limit to his armies? On whom does his light not shine?

Deuteronomy 32:11

Like an eagle stirs its nest, hovering near its young, spreading out his wings to take him and carry him on his pinions,

Psalm 139:5

You encircle me from back to front, placing your hand upon me.

Psalm 139:17

How deep are your thoughts, God! How great is their number!

Luke 12:2

There is nothing covered up that won't be exposed and nothing secret that won't be made known.

Genesis 24:63

Isaac went out walking in a field. He looked up, and all of a sudden there were some camels coming.

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