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Theasaurus: Plates

8 Bible Verses about Plates

Most Relevant Verses

Exodus 39:3

They hammered out thin sheets of gold, and he cut threads from them to interweave with the blue, purple, and scarlet yarn, and the fine linen in a skillful design.

Exodus 28:36

“You are to make a pure gold medallion and engrave it, like the engraving of a seal:HOLY TO THE LORD.

Exodus 39:30

They also made a medallion, the holy diadem, out of pure gold and wrote on it an inscription like the engraving on a seal:HOLY TO THE LORD.

Leviticus 8:9

He also put the turban on his head and placed the gold medallion, the holy diadem, on the front of the turban, as the Lord had commanded Moses.

Ezekiel 4:3

Take an iron plate and set it up as an iron wall between yourself and the city. Turn your face toward it so that it is under siege, and besiege it. This will be a sign for the house of Israel.

Leviticus 2:5

If your gift is a grain offering prepared on a griddle, it must be unleavened bread made of fine flour mixed with oil.

Leviticus 6:21

It is to be prepared with oil on a griddle; you are to bring it well-kneaded. You must present it as a grain offering of baked pieces, a pleasing aroma to the Lord.

2 Samuel 13:9

She brought the pan and set it down in front of him, but he refused to eat. Amnon said, “Everyone leave me!” And everyone left him.

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