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15 Bible Verses about Prosperity Of The Wicked

Most Relevant Verses

Job 21:7-13

"Why do the wicked live to reach old age and increase in power and wealth, too? Their children grow up while they're alive, and they live to see their grandchildren. Their houses are safe from fear, and God's chastisement never visits more.
Their bull breeds without fail, and their cows calve without miscarriages. They release their children to play like sheep; their young ones dance about, singing with tambourines and lyres as they rejoice to the sound of flutes. They grow old in prosperity, as they descend peacefully into the afterlife.

Ecclesiastes 7:15

I have seen it all during my pointless life: both a righteous person who dies while he is righteous, and a wicked person who lives to an old age, while remaining wicked.

Psalm 94:3

How long will the wicked, LORD, how long will the wicked continue to triumph?

Job 21:17

"How often do the wicked have their lights put out? Does calamity ever fall on them? Will God in his anger ever apportion their destruction?

Job 9:24

A land is given into the hands of a wicked person; he covers the faces of its judges. If it is not God, then who is it?"

Psalm 73:3-9

For I was envious of the proud when I observed the prosperity of the wicked. For there is no struggle at their deaths, and their bodies are healthy. They do not experience problems common to ordinary people; they aren't afflicted as others more.
Therefore pride is their necklace and violence covers them like a garment. Their eyes bulge from obesity and the imaginations of their mind cross the border into sin. In their mockery they speak evil; from their arrogant position they speak oppression. They choose to speak against heaven; while they talk about things on earth.

Jeremiah 12:1

You are righteous, LORD, even when I bring a complaint to you. But I want to discuss justice with you. Why does the way of the wicked prosper, while all who are treacherous are at ease?

Ecclesiastes 8:14

Here is a pointless thing that happens on earth: A righteous man receives what happens to the wicked, and a wicked man receives what happens to the righteous. I concluded that this, too, is pointless.

Job 10:3

Does it delight you to oppress or despise what you have made, while you smile at the plans of the wicked?

Habakkuk 1:13

Your eyes are too pure to gaze upon evil; and you cannot tolerate wickedness. So why do you tolerate the treacherous? And why do you stay silent while the wicked devour those who are more righteous than they are?

Ezekiel 7:21

I'll give it as plunder into the control of strangers and as the spoils of war to the wicked who will invade the land to profane it.

Micah 6:10

Are there still wicked treasures in the house of the wicked, along with deceitful and abominable measuring standards?

Job 20:5

The wicked triumph only briefly; the joy of the godless is momentary.

Psalm 92:7

Though the wicked sprout like grass; and all who practice iniquity flourish, it is they who will be eternally destroyed.

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