Provision Of Night

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 104:20

You bring darkness and it becomes night; when every beast of the forest prowls.

Genesis 1:16

God fashioned two great lights the larger light to shine during the day and the smaller light to shine during the night as well as stars.

Genesis 1:18

to differentiate between day and night, and to distinguish light from darkness. And God saw how good it was.

Psalm 136:9

and the moon and stars to illumine the night, for his gracious love is everlasting

Job 36:20

Don't long for night, when people vanish in their place.

Isaiah 21:12

The watchman replies: "Morning is coming, but also the night. If you want to ask, then ask; come back again.'"

Isaiah 34:14

And desert creatures will meet with hyenas, and goat-demons will call out to each other. There also Liliths will settle, and find for themselves a resting place.

Revelation 21:25

Its gates will never be shut at the end of the day because there will be no night there.

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