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Theasaurus: Pursuing

18 Bible Verses about Pursuing

Most Relevant Verses

Exodus 15:9

"The enemy said, "I'll pursue them, I'll overtake them, I'll divide the spoil. I'll satisfy my anger on them, I'll draw my sword, and my hand will bring them to ruin.'

Leviticus 26:17

I'll set my face against you so that you'll be defeated before your enemies. Those who hate you will have dominion over you and you'll keep fleeing even when no one is pursuing you.

Ezekiel 35:6

therefore as I'm alive and living," declares the Lord GOD, "I'm turning you over to bloodshed, and bloodshed will certainly overtake you, since you never have hated shedding blood. That's why bloodshed will certainly pursue you.

Proverbs 15:9

The lifestyle of the wicked is detestable to the LORD, but he loves those who ardently pursue righteousness.

Proverbs 11:19

Genuine righteousness leads to life, but whoever pursues evil will die.

1 Samuel 23:25

When Saul and his men went to search for David, some people told David, and he went down to the Rock of Escape and remained in the wilderness of Maon. Saul heard this and he pursued David into the wilderness of Maon.

1 Peter 3:10-11

"For the person who wants to love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit. He must turn away from evil and do good. He must seek peace and pursue it.

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