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30 Bible Verses about reinforcement

Most Relevant Verses

Isaiah 43:17

Who bringeth forth Chariot and horse, Force and strength, Together, shall they he down They shall not arise, They are extinguished Like a wick, are they quenched!

2 Chronicles 24:13

So the doers of the work wrought, and the work of restoration went forward, in their hand, - and they caused the house of God to stand forth according to its due proportions, and made it strong.

2 Chronicles 32:4

And there were gathered together much people, so they stopped all the fountains, and the torrent that flowed through the midst of the land, saying, - Wherefore should the kings of Assyria come, and find many waters?

2 Kings 7:6

Now, the Lord, had caused the camp of the Syrians to hear a noise of chariots, noise of horses, a noise of a great host, - and they said one to another - Lo! the king of Israel hath hired against us - the kings of the Hittites, and the kings of the Egyptians, to come against us.

2 Chronicles 32:5

And he took courage, and built all the wall that was broken down and carried up thereon towers, and, on the outside, another wall, and strengthened Millo, the city of David,-and made weapons in abundance, and bucklers,

Joshua 14:12

Now, therefore, give me this mountain, whereof Yahweh spake, on that day, - for, thou thyself, didst hear, on that day, that, Anakim, were there, and great cities fortified, if so be Yahweh be with me, then shall I dispossess them, as spake Yahweh.

Exodus 39:23

with the opening of the robe in the midst thereof, like the opening of a coat of mail, - a border to the opening thereof round about it might not be rent open.

Ezekiel 27:24

Those were thy merchants for gorgeous garments, for wrappings of blue and embroidery, and for treasure-chests of variegated cloth, - for cords, twisted and strong, in thy market:

Isaiah 31:1

Alas! for them who are going down to Egypt for help, On horses, would rely, - And have trusted - In chariots - because they are many, and In horsemen, because they are very bold, But have not looked unto the Holy One of Israel, And onto Yahweh, have not sought.

1 Samuel 14:21

And, the Hebrews who had aforetime belonged to the Philistines, who had come up with them in the host, even they, turned round so as to be with Israel who were with Saul and Jonathan.

Exodus 36:28

and two boards, made he for the corners of the habitation, - in the hinderpart.

2 Kings 17:24

And the king of Assyria brought men from Babylon, and from Cuthah, and from Avvah, and from Hamath, and from Sepharvaim, and caused them to dwell in the cities of Samaria, instead of the sons of Israel, - so they took possession of Samaria, and dwelt in the cities thereof.

Joshua 17:18

for, the hill country, shall be thine, in that, a forest, it is, therefore canst thou cut it down, and thine shall be the extensions thereof, - for thou shalt dispossess the Canaanites, though, chariots of iron, they have, and though, strong, they are.

Exodus 28:32

and the opening for his head shall be in the midst thereof, - a border, shall there be to the opening thereof round about the work of a weaver, like the opening of a coat of mail, shall there be to it, it must not be rent.

Judges 20:22

And the people, the men of Israel, encouraged themselves, - and again set themselves in array for battle in the place where they had set themselves in array on the first day.

2 Samuel 10:9

And, when Joab saw that the front of the battle was towards him, before and behind, he chose out of all the chosen men of Israel, and set them in array against the Syrians;

Job 15:26

He used to run against him with uplifted neck, with the stout bosses of his bucklers;

2 Chronicles 26:9

And Uzziah built towers, in Jerusalem, over the corner-gate, and over the valley-gate, and over the angle, - and he made them strong.

1 Samuel 2:4

The bow of the mighty, is dismayed, - While, the fainting, are girded with strength;

Ezra 5:8

Be it known unto the king, that we journeyed into the province of Judah, unto the house of the Great God, and, the same, is being built with large stones, and, timber, is being laid in the walls, - and, this work, with speed, is being done, and is prospering in their hands.

2 Chronicles 24:12

and the king and Jehoiada gave it unto such as were doing the work of labouring upon the house of Yahweh, and they were hiring masons and carpenters, to renew the house of Yahweh, - moreover also, such as were fashioners of iron and bronze, to repair the house of Yahweh.

Isaiah 60:15

Instead of thy being forsaken and hated so that none used to pass through thee, I will make of thee - An excellency age-abiding, The joy of generation after generation.

Ezra 2:43

The Nethinim, The sons of Ziha, the sons of Hasupha, the sons of Tabbaoth;

2 Kings 3:12

Then said Jehoshaphat, The word of Yahweh, is with him. So the king of Israel, and Jehoshaphat, and the king of Edom, went down unto him.

2 Samuel 5:22

And, yet again, did the Philistines come up, - and they spread themselves out in the vale of Rephaim.

1 Kings 9:24

Scarcely had Pharaoh's daughter come up out of the city of David, into her own house, which he had built for her, when he built Millo.

2 Chronicles 33:14

And, after this, he built an outer wall to the city of David on the west of the Gihon in the ravine, even to the entering in through the fish-gate, and went round to Ophel, and carried it up very high, - and put captains of valour in all the fortified cities, throughout Judah.