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11 Bible Verses about Rejoicing In God's Word

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 119:162

I rejoice at thy spoken word, as one that finds great spoil.

Psalm 119:111

I have taken thy testimonies as a heritage for ever; for they are the rejoicing of my heart.

Jeremiah 15:16

Thy words were found, and I ate them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart: for thy name was called upon me, O LORD God of the hosts.

Matthew 13:20

But he that was planted in stony places, the same is he that hears the word and receives it immediately with joy;

Mark 4:16

And likewise these are those who are sown on stony ground, who when they have heard the word immediately receive it with gladness

Luke 8:13

Those on the rock are those that when they hear, receive the word with joy, but these have no root, who for a while believe and in time of temptation fall away.

Psalm 119:1

ALEPH. Blessed are those who walk in the perfect way, who walk in the law of the LORD.

1 Kings 5:7

And it came to pass, when Hiram heard the words of Solomon, that he rejoiced greatly and said, Blessed be the LORD this day, who has given unto David a wise son over this great people.

Luke 2:10

But the angel said unto them, Fear not; for, behold, I bring you a gospel of great joy, which shall be to all the people.

Philippians 1:18

What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretense, or in truth, Christ is preached, and I therein do rejoice, and will even rejoice.

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